Management Approaches and Policy

C6. NAPL and MGP Sites

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Best Practices for NAPL Mobility Core Collection in Sediment: A Systematic Approach to Maximize Sample Integrity.M.B. BykerViewView
In Situ Deposited Non-Aqueous Phase (IDN) Sediments: A Conceptual Model for NAPL EmplacementJ.A. Johnson, I. Mamonkina, D.A. Edwards, D. Blue, and S.J. MoreyViewView
An Updated Site Conceptual Model for Oleophilic BiobarriersL. Tochko, T. Sale, O. Bojan, M. Irianni-Renno, M. Chalfant, and M. LyverseViewView
NAPL Mobility in Sediments: Categorizing NAPL Migration Potential Using a Multiple Lines of Evidence ApproachT. Daigle, J.M. Hawthorne, C. Carter, L. Reyenga, and B. BjorkmanViewView
NAPL Mobility beneath the Newtown Creek Study Area: Multi-Stage Testing Process and Results for Creek Mile 0-2M. Gefell, T. Gross, and S.MessurViewView
Remediation of a Former Oil Well, Leaking into a Freshwater LakeS. Pawlukiewicz, D.S. Kilmer, D. Bandlow, J.M. Rice, and K. VaterViewView
Pre-Design Investigations for NAPL Control Cap for Intertidal Sediments at the Wyckoff/Eagle Harbor Superfund SiteH. Bottcher, J. Gentry, S. McKinley, and K. SchefflerView View
An Innovative and Cost-Effective Approach to DNAPL Removal from Sediment Deposits in the Tittabawassee RiverS.C. Hayter, T. Konechne, C. Bowen, and T.L. WyssViewView
Quantifying NAPL Mobility Using NAPL-Specific Hydraulic Conductivity (KNAPL) Measurements in Sediment at the Quanta Superfund SiteM. Gefell, K. Groff, M. Nielsen, V. Magar, T. Johnson, and H. FahyView
Shoreline Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using an Oleophilic Biobarrier for Sheen Control on the Portland Harbor Superfund SiteJ. Gentry, S. Martin, T. Sale, and K. SheetsView View
Sediment Delineation and Remediation within the New York State Barge Canal at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant SiteT. Raby, J. Kaczor, K. Durocher, and K. MeisterView
Surfactant Flushing Column Study to Optimize Field PerformanceJ. Roberts, D. Alden, H. Lord, and B. ReiterView
Ashland/NSP Lakefront MGP Site Upland and Sediment Remedial ActionD. Roznowski, S. Garbaciak, B. Symons, M. Raimonde, T. Lee, and A. BuellView