Management Approaches and Policy

C3. Sediment Management under State-Led Programs

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Multiple Lines of Empirical Evidence Demonstrate an Absence of Adverse Effects from MGP Residues at PAH Concentrations Significantly Higher than Regulatory Screening LevelsL. McWilliams, H. Costa, and S. BodensteinerViewView
A Case Study Involving California's Latest Sediment Tool: Human Health Sediment Quality Objective Tier III AssessmentW. Hovel, B. Lamoureux, S. Anghera, K. Curtis, A. Jirik, M. Arms, and J. VernonViewView
State-Led Remediation of Manistique River and HarborH. VanDewalker, M. Erickson, S. Noffke, J. Sims, and E. HoverViewView
Columbia Slough Source Control Program Assessment and Development: Managing Short-Term Targets to Achieve Cleanup ObjectivesS. Miller, H. Nelson, and K. ParrettViewView
Lake Apopka Sediment Dredging and Material Placement Projects Planning and Permitting, St. Johns River Water Management District, Lake and Orange County, FloridaJ. Wagner, M. Coveney, L. Lumbard, and L. PorterViewView
Ley Creek Sediment and Soil Remediation: The Impact of Past Creek Widening on the Development of a Remedial StrategyM.B. Mullen, C. Garvey, P. Domaszczynski, C. Leary, and B. PlattView
Remediation and Restoration of an Urban Hudson River Site under New York State OversightJ.A. Bleiler, D. Reid-Green, R.S. McCarthy, and H. MartinView
Columbia Slough Sediment Cleanup: Option for Liability Release through Cash SettlementsH. Nelson, K. Parrett, and S. MillerView