Management Approaches and Policy

C4. Site Management Decision Strategies

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Application of a Technology Assignment Process at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard SiteE.L. Blischke, S. Ohannessian, D. Janda, M. Harclerode, T.W. Macbeth, and M. FattahipourViewView
Accelerating Cleanup: Portland Harbor ROD ImplementationS.A. Sheldrake, E. Demaria, and R. ChuViewView
A Weight-of-Evidence Based Approach to Assessing Recontamination Potential in the River Mile 11 East Area of Portland HarborD. Livesay and E.C. HughesViewView
Is Your Remedy Based on Incomplete Data? W. Thomas, B. Bonkoski, M. Gravelding, S. Dunn, and B. Orchard AragonViewView
Pacific Meat Sediment Remedy Leads to Evaluation of Columbia Slough Cleanup by a Presumptive RemedyMiller, H. Nelson, and K. ParrettViewView
Successful Construction ManagementS. Dunn, M. Gravelding, and J. MolinaViewView
Unifying Regulatory Programs: CWA and CERCLA Program Realities at Contaminated Sediment SitesA. Shellenberger, T. Schadt, D. Haury, F. Messina, and R. RoxView
Site Management Decision Strategies: Case Study of a Sediment Remediation Decision FrameworkB. Bjorkman, T. Daigle, M. Hawthorne, C. Carter, and M. RuettenViewView
Interplay of Congeners and Total PCBs to Inform Remedial DecisionsR. Fox, J. Ramey, D. Kay, and J. KernView
In-Channel, Bank, and Floodplain Remediation: An Update on Progress on the Tittabawassee RiverM. Logan, T. Konechne, J. Pistro, S.H. Hayter, D. Amber, and K. KonechneView View
A Multi-Agency Concept of the Marx-Whitaker SloughS. Miller, H. Nelson, R. Struck, and S. SimpkinsView
Moving towards More Efficient Site Management Decision StrategiesL.B. Saban, M. Johns, J. Parker, and B. ChurchView