Remediation and Restoration Alternatives

B8. Evaluating Sustainability

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Cleveland Harbor's Advancements in Sustainable Dredge Material ManagementN.A. LaPointeViewView
DIY Sustainability Assessment: Social, Environmental, and Economic Impact and Benefit Sustainability AnalysisS.E. Apitz, D.A. Edwards, A. Fitzpatrick, D. Harrison, and A. McNallyViewView
Assessing Sustainability and Ecosystem Support in Dredging and Navigation ProjectsM.E. Bates, C. Fox-Lent, I. Linkov, and T.S. BridgesViewView
Integration of Sustainability and Resiliency into a Remedy Optimization Review FrameworkM. Harclerode, S. Ohannessian, D. Janda, E. Blischke, T. Macbeth, and M. FattahipourViewView
Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure: A New Holistic ApproachR. Kolman and P. LaboyrieViewView
Quantifying Sustainability Metrics for an Innovative Groundwater Cleanup Employing a Passive Biobarrier and Pond Wetlands at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds New O-Fields SiteF.T. Barranco and M. CiarloView
Evaluating Risk and Resilience in Engineering with Nature Projects.R. Ali, M. Kurth, C. Fox-Lent, I. Linkov, T. Bridges, and B. SuedelView
Cleveland Harbor's Unique Approach to Sustainable Dredged Material Management (A Geochemical Characterization Approach for Beneficial Use of Dredge Material)J.H. HullView
Sustainability Regulatory Integration and Reform for Superfund Sediment Remediation ProjectsP. Lal, E.A. Stern, J. Singh, M. Smith, T. Wieczerak, and S. NadeauView