Remediation and Restoration Alternatives

B6. Sediment Bioremediation

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Biotransformation of γ-hexachlorocyclohexane (Lindane) to Non-Toxic End Products by Sequential Treatment with Mixed Anaerobic Microbial CulturesL.A. Puentes Jacome, L. Lomheim, E.A. Edwards, W. Qiao, S. Ye, X. Tang, and S. GaspardViewView
The Use of Electrokinetic Technology to Enhance Chemical and Biological Remediation of Contaminated Sands and SoilsB. Wartell, M. Boufadel, L. Rodriguez-Freire, L. Axe, S.H. Abrams, and A. CiblakViewView
Performance of Anaerobic Sediment-Capping Systems: Role of Material Type in Designing Effective Bioactive CapsG. Pagnozzi, K. Millerick, D. Reible, S. Carroll, and J. ClockViewView
Progress on Treatment of PCB-Impacted Sediments with Bioamended Activated CarbonK.R. Sowers, U. Ghosh, R.B. Payne, and H.D. MayViewView
Biodegradation and Bioaugmentation of Aniline and (ital) p-chloroaniline at a Contaminated Chemical Manufacturing Site in Southern JerseyH. Almnehlawi, J. Dallmeyer, J. Zhang, R. Dean, F. Burns, H. Hua, X. Yin, L. Axe, and D. FennellView
Hydrocarbon Remediation via In Situ Bioreactors in RiverbankK.L. Sublette, D. Ogles, A. Biernacki, B. Baldwin, and K. ClarkView
Effects of Peroxydisulfate Oxidation on Biodegradation of PerchloroethyleneL. Honetschlägerová, M. Martinec, and R. ŠkarohlídView View
Degradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Mixtures (Aroclors) and Sediments Contaminated with PCBs with Encapsulated Oxidoreductase EnzymesK.H. Kucharzyk, E. Strozier, C.S. Peven, and A. DuongView
Assessment of the Biological Contribution to Monitored Natural Recovery of Anthropized Freshwater SedimentsL. Madueño, V.A. Starevich, B.M. Coppotelli, A.C. Agnello, N.C. Vidal, M.E. Oneto, M.T. Del Panno, and I.S. MorelliView
Kinetics of PCB Microbial Dechlorination Explained by Freely Dissolved Concentration in Sediment MicrocosmsT.P. Needham, U. Ghosh, and K. SowersView