Remedy and Restoration Implementation

A6. Contaminant Forensics

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Distinguishing Pyrogenic PAH Sources in Sediment from MGP and Other Tar Sources Using Exploratory Data AnalysisD.M. MauroViewView
Improving Rigor in Polycyclic Aromatic Source Fingerprinting P.D. Boehm, L.L. Cook, J. Pieatari, and T. SabaViewView
PAH Source Evaluation of Sediments in the Vicinity of Pier 39, San Francisco BayR.E. JordanViewView
Use of Forensic Methods to Identify Sources of Elevated PAH Concentrations in Sediments from Urban Tidal WaterbodiesY. Wang, S. Gbondo-Tugbawa, C. Prabhu, E.A. Garvey, R. Weissbard, and D. MarulandaViewView
Tracking a Petrogenic Source: Forensics Characterization, Identification, and Quantification of Spilled Crude OilP.M. Simon, P.B. Simon, D. Chiavelli, and M. RuryViewView
Evaluating the Challenges of Using Disparate Data Sets in Forensic MethodsN.D. Rose, T. Negley, and C. MontiViewView
The Importance of Validating Source Identification Results and Evaluating Alternative Hypotheses in a Forensic EvaluationM.J. Bock and L. BrownView View
Source Allocation of PCBs Derived from Quantile Analysis of Cumulative Response Curves Combined with Monte Carlo AnalysisE.L. Butler, J.T. Rominger, and R.J.-C. RemyViewView
The Application of a Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Identify Potential Ongoing Contaminant Sources to an Urban RiverJ. Kern, P. Simon, D. Murali, and M. ShupeView View
Integrated Chemometric Assessment of PCDD/F Contamination and Sources in the Passaic River, New JerseyR.C. Barrick and M.J. CejasView View
Advances in Oil Spill Forensic Using Biomarkers and Isotope Ratio TechniqueH. BehzadiView
Spatial Variations in Ambient PAH Concentrations in Sediment in a Complex Urban River SystemS. Meyer, E. Hritsuk, M. Byker, M. Kierski, and R. Paulson
Integrated Application of RSIMCA, t-SNE, and PVA for Chemometric Mapping of PCDD/F CongenersM.J. Cejas and R.C. BarrickView View
Tracking a Petrogenic Source with Pyrogenic Compounds: Forensic PAH Apportionment at a Site with Severely Weathered Crude OilD. Chiavelli, P.M. Simon, P.B. Simon, and M. RuryView
Characterization and Source Apportionment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Small Craft Harbour Sediments in Nova Scotia, CanadaE. Davis, T.R. Walker, M. Adams, and R. WillisView View
Contaminated Soils from the Liberty State Park (NJ, USA) Brownfield SiteD. Hagmann, N. Goodey, M.A. Kruge, M. Cheung, X. Li, J. Singh, J. Krumins, M. Mastalerz, and J.L.R. GallegoView
Using the Past to Understand the Present: Reconstructing Background Conditions in Historically-Impacted LakesB.T. Lucas, K. Liber, and L. DoigView
Incorporation of a Chemical Weathering Model in Sediment Source Apportionment ModelsJ. Rominger and C. TuitView