Remedy and Restoration Implementation

A5. Habitat Mitigation and Restoration

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Spirit Lake: Designing a Sediment Remedy that Embraces Habitat RestorationW. Murray, M. Ciarlo, K. McCormick, and J. BeaverViewView
Habitat Restoration and Enhancement: Maximizing Benefits from Sediment Remediation ProjectsS. Ozkan, G. Braun, S. McGee, M. Hagan, E. Ashley, and K. YoungViewView
First of its Kind Subaqueous Restoration Using In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Funds at Paradise Creek on the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth, VirginiaDG. Saunders, J. Rieger, D. Koubsky, R. Mohan, T. Merritts, W. Dinicola, K. Olsen, and K. JaglalViewView
Habitat Reconstruction at the Hudson River PCB Superfund Site: The Roles of Active Planting and Natural Recolonization/RecruitmentM. Traynor, T. Shinskey, J. Kern, G. Klawinski, and M.S. GreenbergViewView
Re-Creation of a Historical Island in the Mississippi River: Restoring Habitat in an Urban SettingJ. Bankston, J. Brekken, K. Leuthold, J. Lee, D. Connell, and M. SchroederViewView
Riparian Dilemma: Riverbank Cap Adaptations for Continued ResilienceE. Bakkom, J. Faust, J. Elliott, and K. LombardiView 
Assessing Potential Contaminant Removal from Sediments within the First Wetland Mitigation Bank in New York CityP. McBrien, E. Samanns, T. Stewart, A. Wolfson, M. Taffet, J. Cass, A.M. Accardi-Dey, and S. OkeowoView View
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Environmental Issues Regarding Fish Habitat, Water Quality and Biological Monitoring, Gaspe: Sandy Beach, Quebec, CanadaM. Desrosiers and L. RobergeView