Track A: Bioremediation Implementation Practices
A10. Biobarrier Installation and Management




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Identification of Actionable Data for Maintenance Permeable Reactive Biobarriers
M. Burns and M.J. Brown
Furthering Hydrologic Characterization by Visual Mapping of Injection Data
A. Kavanagh and D. Davis
Design of Permeable Reactive Barriers to Reduce Nitrogen Flux
M.D. Lee, R.L. Raymond, Jr., P. Dombrowski, M. Charrette, P. Henderson, K. Rathjen, J. Begley, T. Parece, M. Owen, J. Marrion, J.C. Thomas, B. Howes, B. Paulsen, and D. Heely
Challenging In Situ Chemical Reduction PRB Approach on Industry Impacted by Chlorinated/Zinc/Copper Bioremediation in Brazil
S. Aluani, C. Spilborghs, E. Pujol, F. Tomiatti, R. Moura, N. Nascimento, J. Mueller, T. Lizer, W. Moody, W. Meese, and M. Scalzi