Track B: Characterization and Remediation of PFAS
B1. Fate and Transport of PFAS




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What is Remediation Geology and Why Should It be a Part of Every PFAS Remedial Investigation?
R.S. Cramer, M.R. Shultz, and C.P. Plank
Lysimeters to Evaluate PFAS Leaching at AFFF-Impacted Sites
C.E. Schaefer, Y. Fang, S. Shea, N. Gonda, and C.P. Higgins
PFAS Leaching Test and Soil Threshold Calculations by Means of Analytical Models
F. Motta, S. Verdelocco, and G. Volpi
VertebraeTM Segmented Wells for Monitoring Contaminant Mass Discharge
K. Hasbrouck, C. Divine, B. Parker, and L. Robinson
Regional PFAS Soil Investigation of the Air Deposition Pathway
C. Fath, B. Angerman, and J. Dippert
Methods to Estimate Recharge to Determine Mass Discharge from Unsaturated Zone PFAS Source Areas
C.J. Newell, E.B. Stockwell, K.L. Walker, D.T. Adamson, J. Alanis, and R.H. Anderson
Biological and Chemical Transformation of a PFAS Precursor with Insights into PFAS Fate and Forensics
E.K. Cook, C. Carpenter, A. Lewis, N. Chen, C.I. Olivares, S. Yi, E.H. Antell, D.L. Sedlak, L. Alvarez-Cohen, A. Nickerson, Y.J. Choi, and C.P. Higgins
PFAS Assimilation during Bacterial Biosynthesis
D. Ramirez, Y. Xie, and F. Loeffler
Aerobic Biodegradation of PFOA/PFOS: Promising Benchtop Studies and Preliminary Field Applications
L. Mankowski, D. Chiang, T. Repas, J. Adams, and H.L. Lord
Using Groundwater Plume Analytics(sup)R Tools to Assess PFAS Fate and Transport
J.A. Ricker and D.C. Winchell