Track C: Managing Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Sites
C1. Natural Source Zone Depletion




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More Data, Less LNAPL: Insights from over 15 Years of Research on Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD)
P.R. Kulkarni, K.L. Walker, C.J. Newell, K. Karimi Askarani, Y. Li, and T.E. McHugh
Enhanced LNAPL Natural Source Zone Depletion by Solar-Powered Bioventing at the Former Guadalupe Oil Field
B. McAlexander, J. Eichert, C. Smith, E. Daniels, and N. Sihota
Soil Gas Gradient Method for Estimating Natural Attenuation Rates of NAPL and Specific Chemicals of Concern
I. Verginelli, M. Lahvis, P. Jourabchi, and G. DeVaull
Comparison of Thermal Methods for Quantifying NSZD Rates Overlying a Shallow Petroleum Hydrocarbon Source Zone
I. Hers, A. Wozney, S. Kiaalhosseini, C. McGarvey, K. Stevenson, and K.K. Askarani
Making NSZD-Related Decisions in the Context of Measurement Uncertainty: Common Sources of NSZD Rate Measurement Error
J.A. Zimbron
Challenges in Developing Background Temperature Profiles for NSZD Using the Biogenic Heat Method
N. Babu, D. Collins, and K. Waldron
Quantification of the NSZD Rate for a Petroleum-Based DNAPL Body through Biogas Efflux and Aqueous Indicators
J. Ford, A. Sidebottom, H. Hernandez, T. Palaia, N. Mahler, and A. Metcalfe
Shifting from Tradition: A Long-Term NSZD Approach for an Active Oil and Gas Facility
A. Jimmo, S.D. Mamet, N. Higgs, S.D. Siciliano, D. Nuell, and L. Pickering
Sulfate Delivery Methods for Enhancing Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
K. Sra, R. Kolhatkar, D. Segal, and J. Wilson
Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD): Advances in Remote Monitoring and Processing Using Temperature Data
S.T. Robinson, T.E. McHugh, K.L. Walker, K. Karimi Askarani, T. Sale, and T. Lewis