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Details about the 2025 Bioremediation Symposium will be posted soon, check this site regularly for updates.


2023 Learning Lab Sponsors

The following organizations have made financial contributions toward the general costs of the Learning Lab experience.





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At Burns & McDonnell, our engineers, construction professionals, architects, planners, technologist and scientists do more than plan, design and construct. With a mission unchanged since 1898 — make our clients successful — our 10,000 professionals partner with you on the toughest challenges, constantly working to make the world an amazing place. As a 100% employee-owned firm with safety performance among the top 5% of AEC firms, each professional brings an ownership mentality to our projects. That means we think like owners, working through each challenge until it’s resolved, meeting or exceeding our clients’ goals. This dedication and drive positions us as an industry leader. We apply this same commitment to our communities, too. We live and work in the same cities you call home, so we share a collective passion to keep them strong and healthy. We’re happy to give back financially and with our time and talents. From fundraising events and community cleanups to educational outreach and mentorship — especially when it comes to sharing our passion for STEM — our professionals work to make our communities thrive. burnsmcd.com

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Environmental Material Science, Inc. (EMS) was founded upon the commercialization of 15 years of university-based research conducted by the world’s foremost soil scientists in soil fertility and remediation. We create and deliver technology that autonomously monitors and remediates hydrocarbon spills by using solar power and local groundwater to biostimulate soil health. EMS products/services: 1) Soil Sense - Our sensor packs installed at different depths constantly assess hydrocarbon vapours, oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane year-round. 2) Distributor – Our compact, solar-powered injection system uses ground water while it delivers a lab-tested nutrient and electron acceptor solution to help clean hydrocarbon spills at a site. 3) Optimizer - Our proprietary amendment solution provides a tailored blend of macro- and micro-nutrients for each site, creating an optimal environment for “hydrocarbon hungry” microorganisms to thrive, translating into significantly quicker remediation time. EMS Proven Value Proposition:  1) help customers predict when and how much to spend on contaminated sites; 2) increase customer revenue by minimizing disruptions to operations; 3) reduce customer costs by using natural processes to clean contaminated soil; 4) help customers comply with regulations and improve ESG metrics by continuously measuring pollutants and pollutant degradation.  ems-inc.ca