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Battelle's PFAS Passive Sampler

Time-integrated PFAS monitoring for improved understanding of risk

PFAS Insight™ Passive Sampler

Passive samplers have been valued by the scientific community for decades. Battelle and others have used them to measure the concentrations of hydrophobic organic compounds in surface water, porewater and groundwater.

The Challenge

The results offer several great advantages over the traditional grab water sampling, include improved detection limits, time-integrated results (better insight into the long-term environmental conditions than grab samples), and the ability to measure only the truly dissolved fraction of the contaminants, which correlate well with bioavailability. 

However, traditional passive samplers do not work for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. PFAS have relatively high solubility in water and they tend to transport via waterways. Currently available PFAS sampling methods suffer from potential cross-contamination because of use of PFAS in commercial products, laboratory ware and field equipment. They also only offer a snapshot of the concentration at a particular moment.  

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Our Technology

Battelle PFAS Insight™ passive sampler technology consists of a polymeric sorbent material suitable for neutral and ionic PFAS. Laboratory testing has demonstrated relatively fast uptake of PFAS chemicals, with ≤ 1 week of equilibration times for most analytes. Different geometries of the passive sampler hardware were designed to fit various application scenarios, including groundwater monitoring wells and surface water.
 desired site field deployment characteristics for Battelle's PFAS passive sampler

Next Steps

The PFAS Insight passive sampler prototype is in use in a field test during summer 2019. We also are looking to utilize our technology in additional field deployments. Check out the below table to get a better understanding of the site conditions of interest for evaluating the Battelle passive sampler. 

desired site field deployment characteristics