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Smart City Solutions Turning vision into reality for tomorrow's urban environments.

Smart City Solutions

Tomorrow's cities will be more connected, more sustainable and more responsive to the needs of the humans who live in them. At Battelle, we're working to bring this vision to life. From cutting-edge transportation technologies to climate change resilience, we are advancing Smart City innovation and moving new technologies from concept to commercialization.


Battelle works with technology developers, urban planners, policy makers and others involved in imagining, designing and implementing Smart City systems and technologies. 

We are working to help cities 

  • Make transportation systems safer and more efficient
  • Improve healthcare access, quality and outcomes
  • Monitor and respond to environmental health risks
  • Build resilience to climate change and other stressors
  • Meet the needs of aging populations
Let's get smarter together.
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Battelle brings together subject matter expertise across a broad range of disciplines to find innovative solutions to the complex and interrelated challenges faced by urban communities. Our expertise spans data analytics, transportation system design, public health, environmental health, aging and gerontology, emergency management and more. 

We provide:

  • Strategic planning
  • Technology development and engineering
  • Objective third-party evaluation and validation of new technologies
  • Implementation, management and oversight of Smart City initiatives


Data Analytics
Battelle is putting data to work with advanced analytical capabilities that support innovative technologies and better program and policy decisions. We bring together more than 120 statisticians, data scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists, data managers and database and application developers with hundreds of subject matter experts to develop specialized Smart City applications, from transportation technologies to energy infrastructure.

  • Machine learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Application and database development
  • Knowledge management
  • High-performance computing

Health Analytics
A smarter city is a healthier city. Battelle is on the front lines of healthcare quality improvement and monitoring. We work with agencies such as the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), along with hospitals and healthcare providers, to provide objective and meaningful information to drive improvements in healthcare quality.

Environmental Health
Pollution, climate change, extreme weather events and other environmental stressors put vulnerable populations at risk. Our Environmental Health team helps cities understand, monitor and respond to these risks and build resilience for urban communities.

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Toxic chemical characterization and assessment
  • Data visualization for environmental health applications
  • Satellite and ground-based monitoring and data analysis
  • Emergency management and public health preparedness and response

Medical Device Development
Connected medical devices are making healthcare smarter and more accessible. Battelle is operating at the leading edge of connected device development, from smart drug delivery devices to innovative mHealth apps. Our multidisciplinary cross-industry teams advance innovation by integrating world-class expertise across a wide range of science and engineering disciplines. We can design, rapid prototype, test and develop medical products that keep patients, care providers and clinicians connected for better healthcare outcomes.

Intelligent Transportation Systems
In the Smart City, vehicles, infrastructure, public transit and people all work together as part of a connected transportation system that improves mobility and safety. Battelle develops, tests and validates technologies that improve traffic flow, increase driver and pedestrian safety, and enable more efficient public transit systems.


Smart City technologies are making the places where people live, work and play safer, more sustainable, and easier to navigate. Our multidisciplinary approach helps to bring these innovations to market safely and efficiently. We can provide the expertise and experience you need to accelerate development timelines and ensure that your Smart City initiatives meet your goals and objectives.