Connected and Automated Vehicles

The Future of Transportation

Battelle leverages 10+ years of experience in connected vehicle research, network, and security application development to create safe, highly mobile and environmentally responsible connected vehicles.
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A Wealth of Experience

For over 10 years, Battelle has been trusted as the lead in development and deployment of numerous connected vehicle research, network, and security application development projects with the U.S. Department of Transportation, NHSTA and local authorities. Battelle has been involved in facets of development and deployment for over 60% of the CV applications currently in the field.

Our Service Solutions

Transportation and Mobility Planning

We work with cities, regional planning authorities, technology developers and military clients to develop comprehensive mobility solutions. We can help evaluate your mobility needs, frame objectives and priorities and develop a comprehensive plan that integrates technologies, systems and new approaches to transportation and logistics.
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Technology Development, Validation and Deployment

We design, test and validate new technologies before commercial rollout and assist cities with deployment of individual technologies or integrated systems.
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Human Factors Engineering and Analysis

Our Center for Human Performance and Safety provides a human-centered approach to development and evaluation of programs, systems and products. We apply human factors, behavioral science and engineering tools and techniques to address the needs and requirements of users, operators and maintainers in the transportation field.
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Data Systems and Analysis

We bring together cross-disciplinary expertise to develop advanced solutions for data acquisition, storage and analysis. We turn data into a valuable knowledgebase that benefits transportation system planners, city agencies, transit authorities and consumers.
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Transportation Message Exchange (TMX™)

Battelle’s Transportation Message Exchange (TMX™) enables transportation officials to implement much-needed Vehicle-to-Infrastructure solutions.
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