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Battelle DroneDefender®
Counter-UAS Device

The DroneDefender device is a directed-energy unmanned aircraft system (UAS) countermeasure. It quickly disrupts the adversary's control of the drone, neutralizing it so that no remote action, including detonation, can occur, minimizing drone damage and risk to public safety.

Introducing the DroneDefender® V2
C-UAS Device

The new, improved 2nd generation UAS countermeasure incorporates field feedback and human factors engineering for a fully integrated and portable design.

DroneDefender V2



While once owned solely by the military, small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, are now widely available. With increased availability comes increased risk, especially to government personnel and assets.

Yet, traditional defense mechanisms against UAS, such as shooting them down, are not tenable within the U.S. under current regulations. Other potential solutions pose safety risks and the proliferation of drones overseas demands an effective and easy-to-deploy solution. So how can agencies of the federal government defend against drones and protect what matters most?

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Popular Science award winner logoThe answer is Battelle’s DroneDefender device, which utilizes a non-kinetic solution to defend airspace at ranges of 0 - >400 meters against UAS, such as quadcopters and hexacopters, without compromising safety or risking collateral damage. The easy-to-use, lightweight, point-and-shoot system requires no extensive training.

This innovative system provides instantaneous disruption of unwanted UAS using two different defenses:

remote control icon
Remote control drone disruption

radio waves icon
GPS disruption

Successfully tested and demonstrated against drone targets, the DroneDefender device has provided a consistent response in federal government-conducted field demonstrations. The remote control and GPS disruption responses are fast-acting, resulting in instant threat mitigation.

New with V2:

  • Miniaturized electronics fully integrated into the handheld unit for a sleek new look and enhanced simplicity

  • Only two moving parts: the selector and the trigger

Features include:

  • Runs for 2 continuous hours

  • Weighs 15 pounds

  • Multiple antennas

  • Disruption electronics 

  • Battery operated


Protecting what matters most is Battelle’s priority. Unidentified UAS can pose a serious risk to government agencies and officials – military and civilians – but Battelle has a solution. The DroneDefender device couples innovative technology with efficient design for safe. reliable, proven security from airborne threats.

Note: This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission before it can be marketed to non-Federal users. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased in the United States, other than to the United States government and its agencies, until authorization is obtained. Under current law, the DroneDefender device may be used in the United States only by authorized employees of the Federal government and its agencies, and use by others may be illegal. Due to Federal regulations, this video is a simulation of the Battelle DroneDefender device. It has, though, been successfully tested and utilized in Federal government-conducted field applications. 

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