Case Study

Security Screening Non-invasive Bottled Liquid Scanner

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This novel product needed thoughtful design for manufacturing and dynamic startup production. It also required significant acceptance testing against a bank of liquids, in order to meet customer requirements for delivered hardware.

The Solution

Battelle’s manufacturing team employed Battelle’s Production-Optimized Design process, a unique take on traditional design for manufacturing, to provide substantial proactive thought to the system design. This effort led to a smooth startup production with few quality issues and correspondingly reduced product launch costs. Each system is assembled and tested at Battelle’s facilities, managing several configurations simultaneously. More than 200 of the LS10 have been produced and sold to date, shipped directly from Battelle to international locations such as Australia, England, Canada, and Norway.
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The Outcome

A new technology enabling “stream of commerce” for bottled liquids through security checkpoints, such as at airports. This new system employs a dual-modality, non-invasive sensing methodology that blends custom circuitry and components with commercially available/off-the-shelf parts. The LS10 system is direct shipped to its currently in-use locations around the globe.
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