New Guidance Document on the Impact of Water Treatment Processes on Crop Protection Products and Biocides

Discover the impact of water treatment processes on crop protection products and biocides from the new EFSA/ECHA guidance document.
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What's Inside

New Requirements

Gain a clear understanding of the tiered framework and discover strategies companies can adopt to comply with these new requirements.

Challenges and Opportunities

Discover the impact of the new water treatment guidance on costs, timelines, product restrictions and innovation in crop protection products and biocides.

Potential Impacts

Explore how this new guideline affects the crop protection and biocide industry, while also considering its positive environmental impact.

Finding an Experienced Partner

Battelle's Crop Protection team, with 35+ years of combined experience and expertise in risk assessments enables us to support clients through the new water treatment guidance document and mitigate potential risks.