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PFAS Site Assessment

A PFAS site assessment is a type of environmental site assessment (ESA) that addresses PFAS impacts on the site in question. 

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The extent of PFAS contamination can be measured by sampling materials and having them tested at an accredited PFAS laboratory.

A site may require an assessment if there is a need for accurate and defensible data on the presence or concentration of PFAS chemicals. Assessment requirements will also vary by state.


PFAS Sampling

PFAS sampling is the collection of samples of interest to determine the presence of polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). A variety of materials can be sampled, including PFAS in drinking water, public water systems, groundwater, indoor or outdoor (ambient) air, soil, and more.

A passive sampler is a type of sampler that works without the use of active sample collection, such as with the use of a pump or bailer system.

A passive sampler uses natural or unassisted collection methods. A traditional (active) sampler uses a pump or bailer system to collect samples.

Passive sampling has multiple benefits, including:

  • No electricity required
  • Low or no maintenance
  • Easy deployment
  • Less invasive in the environment
  • Reduces investigation-derived waste (IDW)

PFAS Insight® is our innovative PFAS passive sampler that eliminates cross-contamination and reduces investigation-derived waste (IDW) associated with traditional sampling methods.

Benefits of using PFAS Insight® include:

  • Cost savings
  • Longer-term PFAS data with fewer samples
  • Time-integrated results
  • Multiple sampler configurations

PFAS Insight® Passive Sampling Technology

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PFAS Monitoring

PFAS has been found in ambient (outdoor) air across the United States and the world.

PFAS air monitoring is the assessment of PFAS levels in ambient air.

PFAS Air Insight™ is our PFAS measurement technology to collect samples in ambient air. Air Insight™ is based on a modification of EPA method TO-13A.

PFAS Air Insight™ Technology

Get the best information on PFAS in ambient air to address the impact of contamination.
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PFAS Assessment and Mitigation

Thanks to years of internal research and development focused on what was an “emerging contaminant,” we now have a full suite of technologies and services that are ready to solve your PFAS challenges. No more searching and waiting. The tools are here today.

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