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PFAS Insight® Passive Sampling Technology

Battelle has pioneered a more effective way to test for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in groundwater. PFAS-specific passive sampling technology eliminates opportunities for cross-contamination in equipment to deliver more accurate test results and actionable insights.
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Time-Integrated Results with Reduction of Investigation-Derived Waste

Battelle’s innovative, patent-pending solution is designed specifically for PFAS and addresses several challenges in sampling groundwater. Traditional sampling methods result in large volumes of investigation-derived waste (IDW), which can be difficult and expensive to dispose of and can lead to stockpiled waste. PFAS Insight® passive sampling technology relieves these concerns.

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How It Works

The PFAS Insight® passive sampler consists of a polymeric sorbent suitable for adsorbing neutral and ionic PFAS from a variety of aquatic environments. The passive samplers are delivered to the study site assembled and ready to deploy. No special training is required for installation and retrieval. After being deployed at the site for about one month, the samplers are shipped to our PFAS-accredited laboratory, where sorbent will be extracted and analyzed, and the results will be converted into equilibrium water concentrations using laboratory-derived partition coefficients.

Photo: PFAS Insight Passive Sampler example
Photo: PFAS Insight Passive Sampler example

Unique Benefits of
PFAS Insight®

  • Cost savings
  • Results are time-integrated and representative
  • Longer-term concentration data can be achieved with fewer samples
  • Different configurations of the sampler to fit various applications

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