Top AI Execs to Watch in 2024

alt = Vice President for Health Research and Analytics at Battelle, Dennis Johnson's headshot

Denise Johnson

Vice President for Health Research and Analytics, Battelle

Denise Johnson, a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience, leads a team dedicated to advancing science to protect against public health threats, support quality patient care, drive health equity, and improve health outcomes. Their key activities include using AI and machine learning to develop innovative solutions in health and biomedical research for both government and commercial clients.

Johnson’s biggest recent achievement was successfully integrating Battelle’s deep expertise in biology, chemistry and physics with recent advances in AI and machine learning. This fusion ignited a new era of multimodal AI solutions, revolutionizing the organization’s approach to research, health care delivery and community health protection.

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Jun 04, 2024


Amanda Ziadeh


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