CDO Vs. In-House

Learn why organizations choose to partner with Contact Design Organizations (CDO) and how to select the right collaborator for you.
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What to Expect

The technical complexity of medical device design and development can feel intimidating. However, with the right resources and expertise, you can effectively manage risk and navigate the regulatory environment.

This webinar dives deep into why companies choose to outsource device development, with bonus info on selecting the right contract development organization - All to help you choose the right fit for your product.


Questions to Ask

Learn what to think about when considering hiring an external resource/partner

Motivating Factors

Find out what motivates an organization's decision to outsource capabilities or invest in-house

The Selection Process

Delve into the selection process to identify the most suitable CDO

Differentiation for CDOs

Explore factors that differentiate a CDO, from interest and acumen to process and people

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