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The Battelle Sematrix™ Advantage

Sematrix is a complex linked set of computational processes, including NLP, that convert textual narrative into a form that can be interrogated and analyzed, and to some extent understood, by means of both predicate logic and statistical analysis.
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Each year, researchers add hundreds of thousands of articles to the peer-reviewed literature. Findings from most studies will take 17 years or more to translate into clinical practice (1). Few scientists expect their individual works to result in practice changes, but most expect that their work will contribute to the knowledge base that informs practice, as well as informing future research and policymaking. Evidence-based practice (EBP) changes require a time-consuming and labor-intensive process of selecting, analyzing and synthesizing the evidence necessary to address critical clinical questions. The results of this process are intended to help busy clinicians stay abreast of current evidence.

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Textual Content Conversion

Sematrix allows for conversion of textual content into a large collection of fine-grained axiomatic triples.

Supports Literature Reviews

Sematrix supports investigators’ engagement in comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective literature reviews.

Knowledge Focused

Sematrix locates, extracts and organizes the best available knowledge.

Supports Analysis

Ability to convert textual narrative into a form that can be interrogated and analyzed.