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Bringing Innovation to the Surface

Many of the most innovative products today are made possible through advanced material science. Smart, functional surfaces and coatings can be used to solve a wide range of problems for medical, commercial and industrial applications. But what do we mean by a “smart surface” and how do we design one?
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Endless Potential

Smart surfaces can be designed to solve a nearly unlimited range of problems, from improving adhesion to altering thermal properties. Scientists at Battelle manipulate different characteristics of the surface or coating to solve many different kinds of problems.

Designing Smart Surfaces

Designing a smart surface requires material scientists to take many different factors into consideration. First, researchers must determine what additional functionality is desired, and whether that functionality can be provided by incorporating a smart surface or coating.

Putting It All Together

In material science, there are often many ways that the same problem can be solved. The right solution depends not only on the problem to be solved but on the use case and economic, regulatory and design constraints.