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Early Live-Agent Testing

Learn how introducing live-agent testing early in the CBRNE defense equipment development process can help you build a superior product, better prepare you to meet stringent government requirements and gain a competitive edge in the market.
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The market for products that help us deter, detect, respond to, and recover from chemical and biological attacks is growing increasingly competitive. Early live-agent testing is a critical step forward for CBRNE defense equipment manufacturers looking to build superior products, meet government requirements, and offer significant advantages over their competition.

Inside the white paper, you'll learn:

Simulation vs. Live

Learn why components may perform well in simulations but fail when tested with live agents.

Early Testing Benefits

Discover the benefits of early testing in government customer marketing.

The Need for Early Testing

We detail the need to test early in the product development process.

Early Testing Resources

Explore resources that are available to assist manufacturers in early testing.