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Getting Started with Carbon Capture and Storage for Power Plants

Learn how carbon capture and storage (CCS) works, and the crucial considerations at each stage to make informed decisions as a power plant professional.
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What's Inside

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a promising pathway to carbon reduction for gas and coal-fired power plants, with the potential to meet the proposed new EPA emission reduction requirements while retaining existing asset value.

However, CCS is not a one-size-fits-all solution, with technical and economic considerations throughout each project stage. Get the info you need on CCS stages, important considerations, risk management and more in this white paper straight from our experts.



The 3 Stages of CCS

Learn about the 3 stages of CCS (capture, transport and storage) and how they apply to power plants

Considerations for Power Plants

Find the challenges, tradeoffs and constraints that will influence a CCS solution for your power plant

CCS Risk Management

Discover how to mitigate CCS risk throughout the project with a holistic, integrated and proactive risk management strategy