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Innovating Inside the Box

Learn the top challenges and considerations in customizing platform drug delivery devices.
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What's Inside

A well-considered drug delivery system can maximize the effectiveness of innovative, small molecule and biologic therapies. But how do you choose the best system for your drug? Do you choose a cost-effective, off-the-shelf platform or invest in developing a custom drug delivery device?

In this white paper you'll learn there are pros and cons for each option—and there is also a third path to consider. Adapting an existing platform device with a few custom attributes tailored to your molecule can offer the best of both worlds.

Inside the Box

When adapting an existing platform device, device engineers must work within the constraints and tolerances of the original platform device, and innovate within those constraints

Adopt, Create or Adapt?

What are the pros and cons of the adopt, create or adapt tradeoffs? Learn how you reach the optimized balance of feature sets and time/cost to market?

Drivers for Customization

There are many reasons that an off-the-shelf drug delivery platform may not be right for a given therapy. These can be broadly grouped into three areas: drug formulation considerations, user requirements and business drivers.

Finding the Right Partner

When customizing a platform device, you need a partner who understands all of the parameters and constraints, including the engineering and physics of the device, downstream effects, user impacts and business requirements.