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Is Your Medical Device Designed for the Real World?

When it comes to making medical device design decisions, applying even a modest level of research can test assumptions and provide evidence for informed decisions. This Battelle white paper will help you identify the best practices for human factors research.
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How Human Factors Research Drives Device Design

Medical device design must consider the needs of patients, caregivers and clinicians and the broad range of environments in which they operate—from sterile surgical suites to blazing battlefields.

Translating Human Factors Insights Into Design Decisions

Gathering data from HF research is just the first step. Next, you have to analyze that information to inform design decisions.

For the Greatest Value, Conduct Human Factors Early

Companies are able to achieve greater value by deploying a variety of HF research methods early in the design and development process and infused repeatedly throughout.

Choosing the Right Partner for Human Factors Research

Our team at Battelle has a unique blend of expertise that makes us the perfect partner for medical device human factors research.