White Paper

Navigating the Medical Device “Valley of Death”

Making the leap from early-stage medical device development to commercialization is a complex journey. For those without a clear view of device risk, the product development “Valley of Death” awaits.
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What's Inside

A successful crossing requires methodical risk reduction strategies to minimize cost and time, make informed decisions, quickly eliminate poor ideas, and provide clear data to stakeholders.

Get an inside look at the five biggest mistakes and how to address them with the Battelle Risk Retirement Framework - explained in detail in the white paper.

Take A Holistic Approach

See why a holistic view, including both technical and non-technical considerations, is crucial in developing a 360-picture of device risk.

Retire Risk

Battelle’s Risk Retirement framework provides repeatable processes and key questions to consider as you analyze risk.

Make Compromises

Focus the right resources in the right places through compromises and smart trade-offs at each stage of development on the way to commercialization.

Learn from New Data

Learn how a process for reevaluating new data can provide a clearer picture to garner stakeholder support.