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Oncolytic Viral Therapy Development

Choosing the right nonclinical research partner for your Oncolytic Viral Therapy development is essential to your success. This Battelle white paper will help you identify what to look for in a nonclinical research organization.
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Does Your Research Partner Have the Right Expertise?

Make sure that the people who will be working on your study understand the specifics of how to design and execute toxicology and nonclinical studies for viral therapies.

Is the Staff Trained in Handling Infectious Agents?

Working with live viruses requires specialized facilities and trained staff with experience in handling procedures for biohazards and infectious agents.

Will the Bulk of The Study Be Conducted on A Single Campus?

Many CROs are specialized, performing only very specific kinds of toxicology studies or other nonclinical work. This leads to some aspects of the study needing to be outsourced.

Does Your Research Partner Have Regulatory Experience?

Regulatory considerations for oncolytic viral therapy studies are complex and require a lab with experience in navigating these regulatory pathways.