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Seven Things to Look for in a Carbon Storage Site Operations Partner

Ensure the long-term profitability of your CCS project by choosing a site operations partner that can handle the technical, logistical, and regulatory demands of CO2 storage and monitoring.
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What's Inside

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) requires a long-term plan and expertise on tap to safely store CO2 across the project lifetime. 

Learn how the right site operations partner can help you maximize tax credits while minimizing risks and costs across operation, management and monitoring.

Solving for the "S"

Most companies do not have the expertise to manage a CO2 storage site for the long term. Here's how we're solving for the "S".

Site Operations: What's Involved?

Learn the main elements of CCS site operations, and what you need to know about each.

CCS Timeline

Each phase of a CCS project needs a different set of site operations expertise.

Choosing An Operations Partner

Keep these key factors in mind when choosing a site operations partner.