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Systematic Risk Reduction for Chemicals of Concern

A risk-based approach to replacing chemicals of concern in coatings and plastics.
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The Problem with Drop-In Replacements

Often, the approach to replacing a chemical that has been labeled a chemical of concern is to synthesize a similar chemical that delivers the same performance characteristics. However, they often replicate the same health or environmental concerns—or introduce new ones.

Assessing Candidate Replacement Materials

When assessing potential replacement materials, companies need to look not just at performance characteristics but also at how the new chemical compares in terms of human health, environmental impact, cost, supply chain and other considerations.

Replacing Chemicals of Concern: Case Studies

See how Battelle is helping replace chemicals of concern with functional replacements that reduce the risks associated with the original material without sacrificing performance or introducing new risks.

Where Should Manufacturers Focus Next

There are thousands of chemicals in active use in coatings and other consumer materials today. Only a tiny fraction have been systematically tested for toxicity or studied for potential environmental impacts.