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Granular Activated Carbon Regeneration Technology

Battelle has a deep understanding of how to effectively use granular activated carbon (GAC) to address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in groundwater and drinking water. Our technology enables on-site regeneration of GAC that optimizes for time, resources and energy.
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A New Method for
an Old Problem

Battelle has pioneered a method of reactivating GAC on-site–eliminating the need to ship it back to the vendor. This innovative approach to GAC regeneration reduces operating costs and lengthens the life of the system. This is environmental science that saves time, money, and energy.

How It Works

Battelle’s solvent-based technology for on-site GAC regeneration includes at least two tanks of GAC. One tank is taken offline while the second tank allows GAC treatment to continue uninhibited during regeneration. The regenerant solution is stored on site and is cycled through the tank for the number of bed volumes (determined during laboratory column studies) that best regenerate the GAC. The spent regenerant solution is distilled for recycling. After the solution has regenerated the spent GAC, potable water is passed through that tank to rinse the GAC before putting it back online.

Photo: Infographic showing the process of PFAS treatment with Granular activated carbon regeneration
Photo: Chart of Granular Activated Carbon

Features of Our GAC Regen Technology

  • Can effectively reactivate GAC using solvent-based technology
  • Better PFAS removal is obtained from the solvent-regenerated GAC than virgin GAC, even after four solvent-regeneration cycles
  • Spent regeneration solution can be distilled for recycling and the concentrated distillate treated on site with Battelle’s PFAS Annihilator Destruction Technology

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