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PFAS Annihilator™ Destruction Technology

Battelle’s trailblazing technology solves a previously unsolvable problem: how to safely destroy per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The PFAS Annihilator technology destroys PFAS without creating harmful byproducts. This is the solution our clients have been waiting for.
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Don’t Move PFAS. Destroy It.

PFAS Annihilator technology is a closed-loop, on-site destruction solution powered by supercritical water oxidation (SCWO). It effectively destroys PFAS in contaminated water to non-detectable levels in seconds with inert salts and PFAS-free water remaining.  

How It Works

A supercritical fluid is a substance held at a temperature and pressure above its critical point. In this state, the fluid is neither a liquid nor a gas and has properties of both. Substances begin to act differently above the critical point. Supercritical water is highly expandable and compressible. Without distinct liquid and gas phases, mass transfer is unrestricted, facilitating chemical reactions. Supercritical oxidation processes can rapidly break down compounds, such as PFAS, that do not oxidize readily at standard temperatures and pressures, destroying chemicals that would otherwise persist for decades or centuries in the environment.  

Photo: Diagram of the PFAS Annihilator destruction process

Significant Success in Breaking Down the Unbreakable 

In bench-scale trials of more than 30 PFAS-contaminated sample types, PFAS Annihilator consistently demonstrated more than 99.99% destruction of total PFAS.  

Photo: Battelle PFAS Annihilator technology that delivers 99.99% destruction of PFAS
Photo: Interior of Battelle PFAS Annihilator destruction technology

Unique Benefits of PFAS Annihilator 

  • Achieves near complete destruction of PFAS, regardless of carbon chain length or structure
  • Generates few or no unwanted byproducts
  • Equally effective on common organic co-contaminants (petroleum, hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents)
  • Mobile systems that can be deployed at or near the contamination source
  • Uses inexpensive oxidation and neutralization chemicals
  • Can operate on house or generator power and is not energy intensive

A Scalable Solution for PFAS Destruction 

It started with our bench-scale program two years ago. Now we have systems available for deployment in the field. Contact a Battelle expert today to see which unit best fits your destruction needs.

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 Bench-ScaleMobile 1Mobile 2Site Scalable
VolumeN/ASmall, finite volumesLarger, finite volumesHigher volume
CapacityN/A40-60 gpd (up to 10x capacity with concentration)300-500 gpd (up to 10x capacity with concentration)Max = 15 gpd (up to 10x capacity with concentration)
MobilityNo, in the labYesYesYes
ApplicationPrep for field characterization and optimizationStockpiled waste, secondary waste streams and concentrated regeneratStockpiled waste, secondary waste streams, concentrated regenerate and process wastewaterSite remediation and stored waste destruction
Length of UseN/AEpisodic, periodicEpisodic, periodicLong-term operation

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