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PFAS Signature® Advanced Analytics Tool

Through our PFAS Signature® tool, Battelle has the data and analytical expertise to identify the source of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in areas of co-mingled sources. Understanding the source of PFAS is critical to assessing and mitigating impact. Our ability to recognize specific signatures of analytes in different matrices sets us apart in the field.
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Understand the Source of PFAS 

Battelle’s PFAS Signature® tool is an innovative method for understanding source attribution and delineations to determine the fate and transport of these chemicals–as well as source tracking and differentiation of AFFF sources from non-AFFF sources. The insights this tool provides are helping our clients make better, more informed decisions.

How It Works

The Battelle-developed PFAS Signature® offers source differentiation and tracking using high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) techniques, in combination with PFAS targeted analysis and advanced statistical analysis. 
Battelle built a mass spectral PFAS source library based on PFAS-targeted analysis and HRMS analysis of different PFAS sources that can be applied to a site investigation to understand the source attribution of the substances. The developed library is used to compare and differentiate the PFAS composition and trends seen in field-derived samples during a site investigation. PFAS Signature® also can be used for higher-level source discrimination screening. 
Photo: Battelle PFAS expert taking a sample for HRMS analysis

PFAS Signature® Features

  • Battelle-generated database of 495 PFAS, including most of the 160 listed under EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)
  • PFAS EPA ToxCast Chemical Inventory: 430 PFAS included in EPA’s expanded inventory
  • Battelle-generated library of different sources
  • Unique data filtering to identify homologs

Is PFAS Signature® Right for Your Site?

Our PFAS Signature® tool can be used for source identification, screening, delineation and establishing background, as well as helping to fill data gaps and understanding PFAS transport. If you are interested in using Signature® at your site, reach out to learn more about our consulting services for site selection.
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