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An Ultra-Wideband Technology Adaptable to your Wireless Network Needs

The RavenStar™ is an ultrawide bandwidth steerable RU, with an integrated antenna, that can simultaneously support the entire FR1 band (400MHz to 7.125GHz).
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Advanced Spectrum Enablement 

Battelle’s RavenStar technology provides the necessary aperture to unlock the future of RF Multi-function. This generalizable, compact, phased array RU capability (across the entire FR1 band) includes steering, high efficiency+, and strong polarization isolation for massive MIMO operation.

Groundbreaking Digital Antenna Technology Enabling 5G and Beyond.

Battelle simplifies the complexities of building out 5G networks and beyond, by creating a single device multi-band solution that reduces cost and enables faster time to market. It scales down the number of devices needed to provide always on, high bandwidth delivery, while minimizing the footprint on a tower. 

The Future of 5G and Beyond

  • Battelle's RavenStar technology enables agile 5G Radio Unit (RU) capabilities from 8T8R to 64T64R and higher, with multi-band capability.
  • When tightly coupled with radio electronics, the technology creates a wideband MIMO RU for spectrum access across the FR1 band in a single, compact device.
  • It enables massive MIMO neutral host, multi-tenant from fiber to antenna and creates the ability to license spectrum access, on demand.
  • The technology enabled RU can serve LTE on band 3 in a 20MHz channel while simultaneously serving 5G on n78 with a 100MHz channel, creating a single device 5G non-stand alone (NSA) solution that could be digitally updated to stand alone. 

RavenStar™ is an architecture adaptable to your wireless network needs. No other technology has these key features:

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Adaptable to Your Mission

The RavenStar antenna enables scalable, multi-mission radio frequency (RF) performance and offers other advanced features in way like never before. Learn how our innovative ultra-wideband technology is revolutionizing RF and creating opportunities for mission impact through decreased platform downtime and increased platform efficiency.
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