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An Ultra-Wideband Technology Adaptable to your Mission

The RavenStar™ antenna is an innovative ultra-wideband technology that enables scalable, multi-mission radio frequency (RF) performance and includes advanced features such as jam resistance, multiple polarizations, duplex operation and beam steering.
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An Antenna Innovation
for Mission Success

Spectrum access is being revolutionized through digitization and high bandwidth electronics. Battelle's pioneering aperture technology utilizes these advances to expand capability and replace antenna farms that consume precious SWaP-C. RavenStar also provides advanced, multichannel features typically only offered through expensive and complex multi-element arrays. 

Adaptable to Your Mission

C5ISR is driven by apertures as digital radio resources. RavenStar antenna technology is revolutionizing RF and creating opportunities for mission impact through decreased platform downtime and increased platform efficiency. Battelle wants to move digital electronics to the aperture to create an open architecture solution following Modular Open RF Architecture (MORA) and VITA49.2 standards.

The Future of Multi-Function RF

  • Enables new capabilities by eliminating conventional antenna feature trade-offs, allowing significant design flexibility and delivering spectrum dominance to our warfighters  
  • Can support missions that require multiple communications methods (EW, SIGINT, IMINT, C4I, TTL)  
  • Provides advanced, multichannel features appropriate for integration with emerging, highly capable software-defined radios (SDR), which are currently impeded by narrow-band antenna capabilities  
  • RavenStar antenna technology is suitable for integration onto platforms and infrastructure in all domains—land, air, maritime and space  

The RavenStar technology is an architecture adaptable to your mission. No other antenna has these key features:

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Delivering Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today

Technology is ever-changing and the need to keep our warfighters safe is paramount. Technical Director, Doug Thornton, discusses how Battelle is delivering the future of RF multi-function with the RavenStar antenna on a recent AOC podcast.


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