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A Non-Profit Backed by Over 90 Years of Experience

Harnessing Strength to Spread STEM Education

Battelle Education is a mission-oriented non-profit launched by Battelle for amplifying STEM education best practices across the world. Backed by the infrastructure and experience of the world's largest, independent research and development organization, Battelle Education is uniquely positioned to help execute large, complex new projects. Our network of support systems, leading partners, and allied organizations can work fast and smart to reach educators and students.

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Shaping the Future of STEM

Battelle Education is a trusted partner for many states in providing carefully curated STEM and workforce development programming. We use our STEM networks as incubators for educators who seek to implement the best in STEM education practices in their curriculums. And, in doing so, help nurture the next generation of STEM leaders.

Photo: two STEM students working on a chemistry project
Photo: STEM educator helping students with a chemistry project

Ohio STEM Learning Network

The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) was established in 2007. OSLN leverages existing STEM schools and programs to spread effective practices and tools.

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Tennessee STEM Innovation Network


The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN) was founded in 2010. TSIN is developing high-quality STEM programming to further ensure Tennessee students are prepared for success in college and career and ready for the future of their choosing.



Photo: STEM educator teaching a class of stem students
Photo: STEM educator helping students with a STEM project in a computer lab

STEMx Network


The STEMx networkTM is a multi-state coalition of members advocating for STEM, amplifying effective practices, and building a professional community. The network was founded in 2011 and is composed of leading STEM organizations across the nation. 

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