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Powerful, Cognitive Analytical System Quickly and comprehensively mine, sort and prioritize data to streamline analytic processes.

Battelle Sematrix™ 

When you need deep understanding of a topic, Battelle Sematrix can help. It is a powerful cognitive analytical system that automatically extracts and represents the knowledge contained in scientific, technical or general text in a form that enables complex query, knowledge discovery and visualization and advanced analytics.


Technology makes it ever easier to find information with just the tap of a finger. But it also makes it easy for information overload. It can be nearly impossible to sort through the nearly endless search results returned for a various topic. 

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Sematrix is an analytical tool that can help any organization that relies on information published in scientific journals to quickly and comprehensively mine, sort and prioritize data to streamline analytical processes. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has partnered with Battelle to develop an environmental scan support tool based on Battelle Sematrix that vastly reduces the manual effort required to develop and maintain clinical quality measures by efficiently mining, prioritizing, and summarizing scientific literature.

Sematrix is able to read technical text at a very granular level and extract formal knowledge that can then be analyzed in a variety of ways. Unlike keyword search programs, Sematrix uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to “understand” what it is reading to create context with other articles in its database. This allows it to not only find the most relevant research for a particular problem but also to draw inferential conclusions by combining knowledge extracted from multiple documents. In other words, if one article says A=B, and another says B=C, then by the property of transitivity Sematrix can extrapolate that A must equal C, even though no single document in the database makes that explicit claim.


Sematrix enables you to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to locate and evaluate the most relevant and usable articles for measure development from weeks or months to moments
  • Find connections between articles in order to extract inferential conclusions and to summarize knowledge for non-technical users in plain language
  • Spend your time productively gaining new insights
  • Plan research with full knowledge of what’s already been done
  • Quickly identify new technologies and all references to that technology