Advances in Assessing and Monitoring Natural Attenuation

E9. MNA for Achieving Site Goals

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From Horizontal to Vertical: Uncovering the Key Process Driving Hydrocarbon Source Zone MNAC.J. NewellPlatformView
Demonstrating Plume Stability to Support Risk-Based ClosureE. Meyers and N. ScrogginsPlatformView
Monitored Natural Attenuation and Health Risk Assessment for TPHR. Scofield and T. HoangPlatformView
Engineered Retardation Factor Manipulation Using PlumeStop(sup)(R) Liquid Activated CarbonTM for Passive Management of Plume DynamicsJ. Birnstingl, C. Sandefur, and K. ThoresonPlatformViewView
Assessment of Plume Stability in Monitored Natural Attenuation Assessments Using the Center of Mass and Total Plume Mass ApproachS.D. Mohr and K. NaudePlatformViewView