Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR)

F8. Sustainable Remediation Assessment Tools

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Database System Utilizing a Fillable Best Management Practice Spreadsheet to Follow and Upward Report Army Green and Sustainable RemediationC.L. Dona, R.J. Meyer, K.P. Roughgarden, L.B. Haines-Eklund, and M.L. WilliamsPlatformView
Can Thermal Remediation Be Sustainable? Use of Modelling to Optimize DesignJ. Baldock, J. Pennell, and J. DablowPlatformView
Comparison of Environmental Evaluation Tools and Incorporation of Monetized Socioeconomic Damages for Sediment Remediation ProjectsM.E. Miller and M.A. HarclerodePlatformView
Using Lifecycle Analysis to Select Remediation Technologies for Petroleum-Impacted SitesH. Jin, R. Kamath, A.N. Gropp, and S. McMillenPlatformViewView
Sustainable Treatment OptimizationG. Smith, S. Giliam, and C. HowellPosterView