Characterization, Fate and Transport

H3. High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC)

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Lessons Learned from 25 Years of High-Resolution Site CharacterizationS. PitkinPlatformViewView
From Characterization to Closure of a 1-Mile Long TCE PlumeN.R. Welty, I. Drost, K. Trestrail, and D.T. RogersPlatformView 
High-Resolution Delineation of Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations, Biogeochemical Processes, and Microbial Communities in Saturated Subsurface EnvironmentsH. Schneider, W.A. Jackson, P.B. Hatzinger, and P. Koster van GroosPlatformViewView
Application of High-Resolution Site Characterization Tools for Source Delineation and In Situ Thermal Treatment Design OptimizationM. Jordan, D. Phelan, G. Heron, J. Bierschenk, and D. PalmerPlatformView 
Confirming Laser-Induced Fluorescence NAPL Delineation in Newtown Creek Superfund SiteS. McDonald, C. Prabhu, S. Gbondo-Tugbawa, R. Weissbard, and R. St. GermainPlatformViewView
Newly Developed Aquifer Characterization Procedure by Means of Hydraulic Profiling Tool and Mini Pump TestsE. Martac, B. Berbee, and G.R. van GoorPlatformViewView
Specialty Electrical Resistivity Imaging at NAPL-Impacted Site in Brazil: Key Contributions to the Conceptual Site ModelC.S. Mowder, L. Ribeiro, P. Rego, G. Van den Daele, P. Barreto, O. Maurer, M. Sherrier, and J. HendersonPlatformViewView
Stratigraphic Flux: Applying Sequence Stratigraphy and High-Resolution Site Characterization to Find Contaminant FluxJ.A. Quinnan, P. Curry, E. Killenbeck, L. Peters, K.C. Glover, and C. VarleyPlatformView 
Why the Historical VOC Production Trends Necessitate the Use of High-Resolution Site Characterization TechniquesC.A. CoxPosterView 
Mapping and Modeling Fluorescence of Thin Stratified LNAPL, and Other Applications, Using the New High Resolution Optical Image Profiler (OIP) ToolJ.V. Fontana and D. PippPosterView 
Real-Time Identification and Characterization Approaches to Perched Water ZonesA. Gupta, C. Shepherd, J. Nail, and W. McCallPosterView 
Using HPT-GWS Direct Push Tooling to Delineate Uranium Impacts in Groundwater at a Former Fuel Processing FacilityJ.L. Binder and B.R. HoyePosterView 
High-Resolution Subsurface Characterization of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid and Groundwater Impacts at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant SiteM.S. Raimonde, R.J. Meller, S.L. Goetz, R.M. Kick, B.D. Symons, and N.A. AzzolinaPosterView 
Application of OIP Tool for Quick Assessment of Environmental LiabilityV.V. Sewaybricker and R. SpinaPosterView