International Environmental Remediation Markets

I2. International Case Studies

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Advance in Health Risk Assessment Methodology of Brownfield Sites in ChinaL. Jiang and M.S. ZhongPlatformViewView
Lessons Learned from an In Situ Thermal Desorption Pilot in Shanghai ChinaS. Zhang, H. Tu, C. Wang, and L. MaPlatformView 
Treatability Studies and Pilot Test Program for Remedial Selection in a NAPL-Impacted Site in BrazilP. Barreto, C. Mowder, E.E. Mack, and J. HendersonPlatformView 
Application of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination: The Value of Assessing Site Conditions Prior to Decision MakingJ. Bastrup and H. AshurPlatformViewView
Thermal Source Remediation of VOCs at a Residential Condominium in Sao Paulo, BrazilG. Setti, C. Rodrigues, A.P. Queiroz, T. Borba, P. Lima, and D. DamasiPlatformViewView
In Situ Source Zone Remediation Using Electrical Resistance Heating on a Project Site Located near Troyes, FranceM. van den Brand, J. van Rossum, M. Stumbaugh, and T. WarnerPlatformViewView
Searching for the Crucial Piece of the Plume Puzzle: A Case Study from Central Denmark Region, DenmarkH.J. Blæsbjerg and S.G. LauridsenPosterView 
Remediation of Mercury Contamination at a Former ChlorAlkali Plant in NSW Using Integrated Cap and Containment TechnologiesG. Butterfield, G. Schmertmann, C. Vernon, F. Cosme, J. Stening, and A.D. LaasePosterViewView
Numerical Simulation of Solute Migration Facilitated Groundwater Remedial Design under a Hexavalent Chromium-Contaminated SiteZ. Ding and N. SunPosterView 
Largest ERH Site in Latin America A.L. Donzelli and J. SeemanPosterView 
Remediation of Chlorinated Groundwater Plumes in Denmark: A Technology Development ProjectD. Harrekilde, N. Tuxen, L. Bennedsen, and M. Martina BroholmPosterView 
An Approach to the Beneficial Use of Fine Sediments by Solidification: I. Leaching Properties and IntensityK. Kim, E.-J. Won, Y. Gang, and K. RaPosterViewView
A Set of Complete Technological System-Based Soil Washing for the Remediation of a Heavy Metals-Contaminated SiteY. Li and X.-Y. LiaoPosterView 
Abiotic and Biotic TCE Reduction Bench Study Using Local Organic Carbon and Iron Sources Conducted in Sao Paulo, BrazilK. Morris, M. Singer, and B. GilPosterView 
The Results from Three Years of Wide-Scale Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Assessment and MitigationA.W. Pruszinski, D.C. McGill, S. Thompson, and M.R. TalbotPosterViewView
Those Stubborn Sterilants: Environmental Management of Sites Impacted with Bromacil, Dicamaba, and Tebuthiuron B. Rakewich and H. BakkerPosterView 
Application of World Advanced Remediation Technologies in ChinaZ. Mei, G. Lu, Z. Liu, and H. ShanPosterView 
Combination of Chemical Oxidation and Electrokinetic for LNAPL Remediation in a Tropical Soil Capillary FringeL.P.M. Silveira, B.O. Agostinho, I.P. Leme, L.M.U. Morioka, S.R. Honda, S.A.C. Furquim, and J.G. FreitasPosterView 
Application of Multiple Technologies to Achieve Risk-Based Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in a Challenging International EnvironmentT. Simpkin and C. RomeroPosterView 
Challenges in the Implementation of the Remediation Actions in a Residential Area with a History of Conflict of InterestV.V. Sewaybricker and R. SpinaPosterView