International Environmental Remediation Markets

I3. Botany "Mega" Site Cleanup Project

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Adaptive Remediation Management of a Groundwater Cleanup ProjectJ.C. Fairweather and J.R. SteningPlatformViewView
Insights on Risk-Reduction Mechanisms from 12 Years of Operation of a Pump-and-Treat System at the Botany Chlorinated Hydrocarbon "Mega-Site" G. Dasey, A. Woinarski, and S. Corish PlatformViewView
An Iterative Approach to Improve Model Predictions and Site Conceptual Models A. Laase, J. Rumbaugh, and J. SteningPlatformViewView
Why Is the Plume Disappearing Faster than it Should? Mass Loss Investigations at the Orica Botany SiteJ.S. Konzuk, C. Crea, S. Mancini, and L. JorstadPlatformViewView
Natural Source Zone Depletion Studies at the Botany Groundwater Cleanup ProgramC.J. Newell, P. Kulkarni, J. Stening, J. Fairweather, L. Alexander, and J. Zimbron View 
Microbial Metabolism of the Priority Pollutant Trichloromethane in Subsurface EnvironmentsM.J. Manefield, M.J. Lee, and J. SteningPlatformView 
Aerobic Biodegradation of 1,2-Dichloroethane at the Botany Industrial ParkJ.E. Munro, E.F. Liew, M.-A. Ly, and N.V. ColemanPosterView 
A Case Study of the Anatomy of a Dynamic High Concentration Chlorinated Solvent Plume and Consequences on Remedial StrategyJ. DuranPosterViewView
Technology Screening and Remedy Selection at Large-Scale, Complex DNAPL Sites: Orica Botany Case StudyM. Kavanaugh, E. Suchomel, J. Konzuk, and C. CheynePosterViewView
Botany Groundwater Cleanup Project: Arguably the Largest and Most Complex in AustraliaJ.R. Stening PosterViewView
Evolution of a Conceptual Site Model for the Botany Chlorinated Hydrocarbon "Mega-Site" Cleanup ProjectA. Woinarski, G. Dasey, and J. Stening PosterViewView