Petroleum and Heavy Hydrocarbon Site Strategies

F6. TPH Risk Assessment and Metabolites

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State of the Practice: Risk Assessment and Management of Metabolites and Degradation Products from Total Petroleum HydrocarbonsR. Scofield and T. HoangPlatformViewView
Lifecycle of Extractable Organics in Groundwater at Biodegrading Fuel Release SitesD. Zemo, K. O'Reilly, S. Ahn, A. Tiwary, R. Mohler, R. Magaw, and C. Espino DevinePlatformView 
Insight into the Composition and Structure of Petroleum Metabolites Not Identified by Standard Methods of AnalysisD.C. Podgorski, P. Zito, D.F. Smith, X. Cao, K. Schmidt-Rohr, S. Wagner, A. Stubbins, J.T. McGuire, D. Martinovic-Weigelt, G.R. Aiken, I.M. Cozzarelli, R.G.M. Spencer, and B.A. BekinsPlatformViewView
Potential Human and Aquatic Toxicity of Petroleum Biodegradation Metabolites in Groundwater at Fuel Release SitesR. Magaw, R. Mohler, C. Espino Devine, A. Tiwary, K. O'Reilly, S. Ahn, and D. ZemoPlatformViewView
An Empirical Ecological Risk Assessment at a Mature Bay Margin Petroleum Site Focused on Polar Degradation MetabolitesA. Chakrabarti, P. Zawislanski, W.L. Carson, and J. CotsifasPlatformView 
Regulatory Challenges Posed by Petroleum Metabolites in GroundwaterR. Steenson, D. Elias, and U. Hellmann-BlumbergPlatformViewView
Toxicity Assessment of Groundwater Contaminated by Petroleum Hydrocarbons at a Well-Characterized, Aged, Crude-Oil Release SiteD. Martinovic-Weigelt, J.T. McGuire, H.N. Link, I.M. Cozzarelli, and B.A. BekinsPosterView 
An Alternative Hypothesis of the Nature of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Groundwater at Petroleum Release SitesK. O'Reilly, S. Ahn, A. Tiwary, D. Zemo, R. Mohler, R. Magaw, and C. Espino DevinePosterView 
Composition of Extractable Organics in Groundwater at Biodegrading Crude Oil Release SitesR. Mohler, C. Espino Devine, R. Magaw, N. Sihota, K. O'Reilly, S. Ahn, A. Tiwary, and D. ZemoPosterView 
Current State of Cleanup Levels and Approaches for Petroleum-Contaminated SitesM. Pattanayek, R. Thun, and R. ScofieldPosterView 
Petroleum Metabolites: Friends or Foes?R. Steenson and U. Hellmann-BlumbergPosterView 
Update on ITRC's Guidance for TPH Risk Evaluation at Petroleum-Contaminated SitesT. Booze, M. Kwiecinski, D. Marquez, and R. ThunPosterViewView
Approaches to Evaluate Ecological Risk from Polar Petroleum Degradation Metabolites in Groundwater at Mature Petroleum SitesP. Zawislanski, A. Chakrabarti, and W.L. CarsonP. Zawislanski, A. Chakrabarti, and W.L. CarsonPosterView