Petroleum and Heavy Hydrocarbon Site Strategies

F7. Environmental Considerations for Hydraulic Fracturing/Shale Gas Production

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A Summary of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Multi-Year Study of the Contamination Risks to Drinking Water from Hydraulic FracturingS. Dunn-Norman, W. Hufford, and S. AlmondPlatformViewView
New API Industry Standards for Shale DevelopmentG. Benge, D. Miller, S. Meadows, and R. GoodmanPlatformViewView
Geochemical and Microbiological Indicators of Oil and Gas Wastewater ReleasesI.M. Cozzarelli, D.M. Akob, K.J. Skalak, A.C. Mumford, W.H. Orem, K.B. Haase, M.A. Engle, and D.B. KentPlatformViewView
Alarming Differences in Commercial Data: Two Studies Illustrating the Challenges in Using Methane Data for Regulatory ReportingD. Gratson, R. Vitale, S. Brower, and L. WorkPlatformViewView
Challenges in the Measurement of Dissolved Gases in Water Samples from Shale PlaysK. BagawandossPosterViewView
Improving Dissolved Hydrocarbon Gas Analysis in WaterM.L. BrucePosterView