Remediation Technologies

B4. Abiotic and In Situ Biogeochemical Processes

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State of the Practice of Abiotic and In Situ Biogeochemical Transformation ProcessesR. Darlington, A. Bodour, and B. AllemanPlatformViewView
Prospects that Abiotic Degradation of TCE by Naturally Occurring Magnetite Can Be Important for Monitored Natural AttenuationJ.T. Wilson, B. Wilson, D. Taggart, D. Freedman, D. Cutt, and L. ThantuPlatformViewView
Assessment of Biogeochemical Processes to Manage Back Diffusion at a Fractured Sandstone SiteM. Burns, A. Bakenne, M. Brown, T. Huff, J. Baker, and D. CummingsPlatformViewView
Practical Applications of Chemical Reactivity Probes (CRPs) to Estimate Abiotic Reduction RatesC.M. Kocur, P.G. Tratnyek, and R. JohnsonPlatformView 
Addition of Divalent Iron to Electron Donor Mixtures for Remediation of Chlorinated Ethenes: A Study of over 100 WellsD. Davis and O. MillerPlatformViewView
Sulfidation of ZVI for Degradation of Chlorinated Ethenes: A New Approach to In Situ Biogeochemical TransformationS. Islam, Y.L. Han, A. Murray, K. Millerick, and W.L. YanPlatformView 
Dechlorination of Chlorinated Ethylenes by a Layered Fe(II)-Fe(III) Hydroxide (Green Rust) CompositeJ. Ai, W. Yin, and H.C.B. HansenPosterViewView
Specially-Configured Subgrade Biogeochemical Reactor to Treat Chlorinated Solvents in Low-Permeability Vadose Zone and Underlying GroundwaterJ. Cox, S. Smith, D. Downey, and A. DziechciarzPosterView 
Measuring the Magnetic Susceptibility of Aquifer Sediment to Evaluate the Potential for Abiotic Transformation of TrichloroetheneR. Edwards and J. WilsonPosterView 
Subgrade Biogeochemical Reactors for Treatment of Petroleum Hydrocarbon ContaminationJ. Gamlin, D. Downey, P. Favara, G. Anderson, and L. DukePosterView 
Lessons Learned from the Design, Operation, and Performance of 19 Subgrade Biogeochemical ReactorsJ. Gamlin, D. Downey, and P. FavaraPosterView 
In Situ Delivery of ISCR Reagents: Relationships between Amendment Properties, Injection Methodology, and DistributionJ. Harvey and J. FreimPosterView 
Is a Mineral Surface Critical to Rapid and Successful Anaerobic Benzene Biodegradation?K.M. Hyde, D. Peak, S.D. Siciliano, and K. BradshawPosterView 
Biologically-Mediated Abiotic Degradation (BMAD) of Bisphenol A by the Manganese(II) Oxidizer Roseobacter sp. Strain AzwK-3bJ. Im, N. Shobnam, S.-W. Lee, and F.E. LoefflerPosterView 
Diagnosing Reduction Capacity at ISCR Sites and Pre-Screening of Reductant DemandC.M. Kocur, P.G. Tratnyek, and R. JohnsonPosterView 
In Situ Biogeochemical Transformation as a Polishing Step after ISCO: A Field TestP. Kozubek, J. Nemecek, L. Lacinova, M. Nechanicka, J. Zeman, and M. CernikPosterView 
Dechlorination by Sulfidated Iron and Iron OxidesY. Lan, P.G. Tratnyek, R.L. Johnson, D. Fan, A. Nunez Garcia, D.M. O'Carroll, J. Filip, and A. AgrawalPosterView 
Side-by-Side Evaluation of Biogeochemical, ISCR, and ERD Reagents for Treatment of CVOCsJ. Molin, D. Leigh, B. Smith, and A. SeechPosterView 
Multiple Methods for Discerning Abiotic and Biotic Processes Affecting Trichloroethene Plume Behavior in Fractured Sedimentary RockA.A. Pierce, B.L. Parker, S.W. Chapman, J.C. Hurley, J.A. Cherry, L. Zimmerman, and R. AravenaPosterView 
Abiotic Dechlorination of Chlorinated Ethene by Naturally-Occurring Ferrous Minerals under Aerobic and Anaerobic ConditionsC.E. Schaefer, P. Ho, E. Berns, C. Gurr, and C. WerthPosterView 
Abiotic and Biotic Degradation of TCE by Aquifer Materials from the California Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman ("MEW") SiteM.M. Scherer, D.E. Latta, T. Robinson, T. Mattes, P. Richards, E. Suchomel, R. Deeb, and L. KanePosterView 
Abiotic Degradation of TCE in Groundwater: A Case StudyR. Stanforth, K. Quinn, and K. PiontekPosterView 
Mass Magnetic Susceptibility Measurement for Estimating Intrinsic Abiotic Degradation Rates: Recommendations to Improve Interpretation ReliabilityJ. Studer, N. Glenn, and B. EkstromPosterView 
Investigation of Biogeochemical Degradation Pathway of Chlorinated Aliphatic HydrocarbonsC. Walecka-Hutchison, M. Zenker, R. Royer, S. Benedicto, and M. BritoPosterViewView
Biogeochemical Remediation at a Highly Fractured Bedrock AquiferL. Zeng, A. Oka, K. Kelly, B. Bond, S. Abrams, and S. UelandPosterView