Remediation Technology Development

C2. Heat-Enhanced Remediation


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State of the Practice: Heat-Enhanced In Situ RemediationT.W. Macbeth and E. CrownoverPlatformView 
Monitoring the Impacts and Effectiveness of Electrical Resistance Heating Combined with Enhanced BioremediationD. Taggart, K. Clark, B.R. Baldwin, R. D'Anjou, and M. DodsonPlatformViewView
Use of Steam to Enhance VOC-TPH NAPL Mixture Dissolution at a Major Source Area through Volatilization, Recovery, and Biodegradation, Naval Air Station North IslandHeat-Enhanced Hydrolysis and Flash SpargingPlatformViewView
Heat-Enhanced Hydrolysis and Flash Sparging Field Test of Electrokinetically-Delivered and Thermally-Activated Persulfate (EKTAP) for Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in ClayC. Thomas and B. MorrisPlatformViewView
Destruction and Transformation of Pyrene by Mineral Surfaces during Thermal DesorptionC. Oden, C.J. Werth, and L.E. KatzM.L. Altizer, A.G. Delgado, R. Krajmalnik-Brown, C. Torres, J. Wang, and E. CoxPlatformViewView
Innovative Steam Auger Mixing and ISS Combined Remedy Bench-Scale SimulationsT.A. JordanPosterView 
Thermally-Enhanced Bioremediation of TCE-Contaminated GroundwaterJ. Nemecek, P. Najmanova, V. Knytl, J. Steinova, and T. PluharPosterView 
Biodegradation of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds in Soils Using a Large Volume Heated PileR. Sambrotto, A. Rance, and H. SanchezPosterView 
Thermally-Enhanced Natural Attenuation of VOCs: Two Years after In Situ Thermal RemediationR. Thompson, M. Gefell, G. Heron, and B. ThompsonPosterView 
Thermally-Enhanced Bioremediation and Desorption of Chlorinated Ethenes Using Groundwater CirculationY. Yamazaki, K. Mukai, Y. Furukawa, T. Nakashima, T. Shimizu, X. Tian, and T. KobayashiPosterView