Remediation Technology Development

C7. Surfactant-Enhanced Remediation

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Surfactant-Enhanced Extraction to Expedite Remediation of a Carbon Tetrachloride Source Zone at an Active Grain Elevator FacilityE. Dulle, J. Hesemann, and G. IveyPlatformViewView
Implementation of a Biosurfactant-Enhanced Treatment for Soils Impacted by PAH F. Cazals, M. Morlay, A. Perrault, N. Galopin, S. Rossano, S. Colombano, I. Ignatiadis, D. Huguenot, and M.O. SimonnotPlatformView 
Combine Optimization of Surfactant Enhanced Recovery and ISCO Alkaline Activation to Treat a Brazilian Latosol Soil Contaminated with DRO DieselV.W. Cibele, D.M. Cristina, and R. PaulinoPlatformViewView
Permanent Removal of Separate Phase Organics in GroundwaterG.A. Ivey and J.S. PoynorPlatformViewView
Design and Implementation of Full-Scale In Situ Chemical Oxidation of PCE in Soil and Groundwater Using Surfactant-Facilitated Sodium Permanganate at an Urban Location K. Ramanand, D.W. Podsen, E.W. Wilson, M. Ostrowski, K.D. Dyson, and M. TemplePlatformViewView
Lessons Learned from Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation of Light and Dense NAPLsD. Alden and G. BirkPlatformViewView
Surfactant Use to Enhance Performance of Chemical Oxidation RemediationD. Socci, J. Holcomb, and G. DahalPosterView 
Combined Surfactant and Oxidant Application for Simultaneous Contaminant Liberation and DestructionD. Socci, J. Holcomb, and G. DahalPosterView 
Enhanced NAPL Recovery through Combined Surfactant and Hydrogen Peroxide FlushingD. Socci, J. Holcomb, and G. DahalPosterView