Remediation Technology Development

C8. Phytoremediation/Mycoremediation and Plant Uptake

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Mycoremediation: Evaluating Fungal Metagenomics and Biofilm Association in PAH-Contaminated Estuarine SedimentsS.J. Volkoff, L. Czaplicki, and C.K. GunschPlatformView 
Enhanced Degradation of TCE on a Superfund Site Using Endophyte-Assisted Poplar Tree PhytoremediationJ.L. Freeman, S.L. Doty, C.M. Cohu, and M.J. BlaylockPlatformViewView
Effective Management of a Recalcitrant Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Site by PhytoremediationP. Campbell, J. Grosskleg, and K. BradshawPlatformViewView
Dioxygenases Present in Phenanthrene and Fluoranthene Degradation by Bacterial and Fungal Co-CulturesM. Bello-Akinosho, R. Adeleke, M. Thantsha, and M. MailaPlatformViewView
Degradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Mixtures (Aroclors) and Sediments Contaminated with PCBs with Encapsulated Oxidoreductase EnzymesK.H. Kucharzyk, E. Strozier, C.S. Peven McCarthy, and A.D. DuongPlatformView 
Nonylphenol Translocation in Lettuce from Contaminated Soil Amended with BiocharG. Beretta, A. Mastorgio, S. Saponaro, and E. SezennaPosterViewView
Phytoremediation of a Former Urban Sewage LagoonT. Carlson, R. Gestler, and A. SchoonmakerPosterView 
PHYTO-INTEGRATED™ Remediation System to Address Chlorobenzene-Contaminated Groundwater in a Complex Saprolitic AquiferE.G. Gatliff, E.B. Hollifield, M. Miller, D. Wanty, and P.R. ThomasPosterViewView
Phytoremediation and Rhizodegradation Pilot Studies at a 73-Acre Former Wastewater Pond in Northern CaliforniaB. Gray, B. LePage, J. Warner, D. Lind, and K. MorrisPosterView 
Execution of a Field-Scale Planted Greenhouse PFAS Uptake Study at RAAF Base Williamtown, New South Wales, AustraliaB. Harding, R. Casson, and M. McLaughlinPosterView 
A Passive Sampler for Contaminant Detection in TreesJ.E. Landmeyer and H.S. O'NeillPosterView 
High-Resolution Site Characterization of a Chlorinated Solvent Groundwater Plume beneath a Phytoremediation SiteM. Meyer and C. CellucciPosterViewView
A Case Study of Phytoforensics for a PCE-Contaminated Site in TaiwanM.Y. Wu, B.N. Wang, S.K. Huang, B.T. Guan, J.E. Landmeyer, H.-M. Yen, S.-W. Chen, and I.-H. ChenPosterView 
Implementation of a Hybrid Poplar Phytoremediation Program for TCE at an Arid, Fractured Bedrock SiteD. Rowe, C. Serlin, E. Pearson, J. Freeman, and C. CohuPosterView 
Evaluation of Ligninolytic Enzymatic Activity in Acrylamide-Potassium Acrylate Copolymer for Degradation of Chlorinated CompoundsM.C. Vargas Romero, G.M.L. Ruiz-Aguilar, N. Lovanh, A. Saldaña-Robles, and R.A. Veloz-GarcíaPosterView