Remediation Technology Development

C9. Combined Remedies and Treatment Trains

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Downgradient Thermal Front Migration and Enhancement of Plume Area In Situ Bioremediation after Thermal Source Area Remedy J.R. House, D. Collins, D. Bryant, J. Sammon, and R. SimonPlatformViewView
Protecting Community Water Supply through EPA Removal Actions Involving Source Soil and Bedrock Aquifer RemediationD.A. Zimmermann and S. FisherPlatformViewView
Thermal Soil Mixing and ZVI Injection Using Large Diameter Augers at a Former Dry CleanerM.C. CrewsPlatformViewView
Long-Term Anaerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminants by Iron- and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria following Combined Cement-Persulfate TreatmentD.P. Cassidy and V.J. SrivastavaPlatformView 
Overcoming Challenges and Closure-Strategy Development at a Long-Term, Large-Scale CVOC Bioremediation/Thermal ProjectM.A. Panciera, D. Bytautas, T. Kalinowski, L.A. Hellerich, and R. HendersonPlatformViewView
Succession of Remediation Techniques for a Complex Site Impacted by Chlorinated SolventsS.S. Aluani, M.C.F. Spilborghs, F.B. Tomiatti, E. Pujol, and N.C. NascimentoPosterView 
Combined Remediation Approaches to Address Chlorinated Volatile Organic Impacts R. Cadorette and R. MayerPosterView 
Achieving Regulatory Closure of a PCE Groundwater Plume Using a Hybrid Pump and Treat and ISCO Approach at a State Superfund Site in Quartzsite, ArizonaJ.N. Clarke, M. Bunkers, and L. RobinsonPosterViewView
One Site, Seven Remedial Solutions: A Combined Approach to Increase Remediation EffectivenessF. CoelhoPosterView 
Optimization of a Source Area Remedy Using SVE and ERDJ. Cox, J. Wilde, M. Roginske, M. Reynolds, and G. ColganPosterView 
Combined In Situ Chemical Reduction and In Situ Bioremediation Groundwater Treatment for a Chlorinated VOC PlumeK. Diller, D.R. Griffiths, C. Ross, M.H. Mehta, and D. ClarkPosterViewView
Adaptive Dynamic Groundwater Recirculation: A Strategy for Expedited Plume CleanupA. Horneman, M. Klemmer, and W. ParryPosterView 
Lessons Learned: The Importance of Proper Project Planning When Integrating In Situ Mechanical and Biological Hydrocarbon Remediation TechnologiesE.M. Jennings and S. WillisPosterViewView
Combined Remedies Address Chlorinated Solvent Impacts at an Industrial SiteM. MazzaresePosterView 
Application of MPE and ISCR in Remediation of a Chlorohydrocarbon-Contaminated SiteF. Zhang and L. MaPosterView